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Multiformstone 150x50

BBW Multiform 150 x 50 x 13/3 mm

This is a combination of a V-stone and a Slipstone. This whetstone is very suitable for whetting round chisels and V-chisels. The aslant side has an angle of 45° and goes from the bigger to the smaller side of the stone. The slipstone part also goes from big to small, with an average diameter of 3 to 13 mm. The other surfaces are used to whet knifes. The stone has a length of 150 and the width is 50 mm.


Application: Working the wood lathe tools, piece tools, violin making irons, hoof running knives, claw knives, knives with wave cutting, scissors

The form stone is delivered with booklet, sharpening instructions and genuineness certificate.



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Der Schleifstein ist bei sichelförmigen Messern (Schälmesser etc.) sehr gut geeignet, um diese zu schärfen. Es sollten allerdings hochwertige Messer sein. Ansonsten lohnt sich der Stein nicht.

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