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Belgian stone 475x100 mm special size

Belgian sharpening stone, Coticule - quality: extra-fine - special format

Dimensions: 475 x 100 x 24 mm (length x width x thickness)
Color: beige / greenish
Thickness of the yellow wear layer: 7 mm
Weight: 2500 grams.
Grinding stone Belgian chunks have a very fine and dense structure. The grain size is 8000-10000. The garnet content is approx. 42%.
The natural stone guarantees a very comfortable and fast sharpening of cutting tools.

Usage with water.

Special feature: steels up to 69 Rockwell can be sharpend.

The natural stone is delivered with slurry stone 60x20 mm (yellow), product brochure, sharpening instructions and certificate of authenticity.

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