Belgischer Brocken


The original Belgian stone (Coticule) is probably the finest " sharpening stone " of the world.
The Coticule is degraded in a small region of the Ardennes since 1625.
Its field was and is the sharpening of knives and tools. Your guarantee of quality, tradition and sustainability.
Tiny natural embedded garnets are the specialty of the Belgian stones.

The interaction of grenades , dense shale and water makes it easy , fast and user-friendly sharpening for the beginner.
The special shape of the shell is formed when sharpen the cutting edge no burr but a polish.
This polish prolongs the life of the sharpness of your knife .

Experience the unique application.
Your secure way to sharp , well-maintained knives and tools.
Each original Belgian sharpening stone is a distinctive certified individual piece.

I would like to wish you much joy in sharpening !

Steffen J. Lindner