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Belgian Blue Whetstone 2/13 45° 100x40 mm

The Blue Belgian Whetstone  Mulitform 2/13-100x40 mm
Grid: 5000-6000

This profilstone is used for the sharpening of round and V-shaped chisels and gouges.
The Blue Belgian Whetstone has a width of 40 mm and length of 100 mm. The slanting side has an angle of 45° and the curve diameter of the curve side increases from 2 mm to 13 mm over the length of the stone.

Recommendation: Use the natural stone only with water!

Application: Working the wood lathe tools, piece tools, violin making irons, hoof running knives, claw knives, knives with wave cutting, scissors

The form stone is delivered in cotton bag, with booklet, sharpening instructions and genuineness certificate.



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